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Dream dating org

We examined the effectiveness of the Hill cognitive-experiential model of dream interpretation for working with male and female partners in heterosexual dating couples.Results showed that female partners who received dream interpretation (N = 20) had greater improvements in relationship well-being, insight, and gains from dream interpretation than female partners in the wait-list control group (N = 20).

We gave a presentation ‘Making Elephants Dream’, which is available here on Google Video or via Bit Torrent.However, it seems important to focus on unmarried couples involved in committed relationships because they may be more responsive to change-oriented programs than married couples (Jacobson & Addis, 1993).It may be more difficult to treat relationship problems once they are established than to prevent the problems from occurring in the first place.Thus, treatment aimed at helping dating couples learn to express and understand themselves and their partners more effectively may help prevent future relationship struggles and reduce the divorce rate.Dream interpretation may be one effective therapeutic intervention aimed at assisting dating couples in communicating difficult and important feelings and cognitions.

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In it we mention a few things, including our version of what the story is about, and also some of the easter eggs and tributes that we hid inside, so if you’re interested, go and check it out!