Dating theory

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That's because women generally message men who are five points more attractive (as rated by OKCupid users) than they are, while they typically receive messages from men who are seven points less attractive than they are.At the same time, OKCupid found that men currently send 3.5 times the number of messages women send, suggesting that few women are aware of the advantages of stepping up to the plate.

Each participant has an ordered list of who is most suitable to go home with.BEVERLY HILLS—Of my eleven closest girlfriends, I had the fewest relationship problems.My ongoing examination of why they were continuously crushed by their short-lived relationships helped me discover my secrets of dating theory.Every relationship has as many as four stages, and believe it or not, women own 100% of the control over how quickly and far the relationship develops. She isn’t as excited as he is, only willing to accept an invite when convenient for her.Stage One: Guy: “This is the hottest chick ever, I can’t believe she’s going out with me.” Girl: “Yea I met this guy, he’s kinda cute.” The guy wants to impress the girl. He showers her with gifts, cleans his car, wears cologne, opens every door, takes her on nice dates to impress her. He, on the other hand, is willing to miss the Super Bowl to see his new love interest. Stage Two: This could begin as early as the first week or as late as years into a relationship.

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Based on an analysis of 70,000 users who logged on at least three times in a month, OKCupid found that women are 2.5 times more likely to receive a response to their messages than men are.

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